Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mea Culpa

Here is the Mea Culpa no photographer ever wants to write, I did not do a good job with backups.  

You know, keeping your only version of so many shots safe and protected with intelligent use of backup tools that are so easy to use.  I lost about 3 or 4 months of pictures and that will mean that all that stuff that I was putting off and only had to post will not ever be posted.  

My iMac went down and I had not used Time Machine for about 3 or 4 months.  I will say, that the auto back-up is easy, but it was chewing through the external hard drive space that I used to keep the iMac unloaded.  Then I got busy and had not backed up and the bad luck hit.   

Apple was great, they thought that it could have been a power spike (not covered by the 3 year warranty) but stood behind the extended warranty anyway.  They put in a new logic board, power supply and hard drive anyway.  I don't know that it was a power spike since I have everything on surge protectors and nothing else on the that strip went down. 

This gets interesting, I had thought that I might do better getting stuff done if I bought a MacBook Pro and got my workflow out of the office and mobil.  I bought a MacBook Pro and am putting the iMac up for sale.  Now here is the lucky part, I had already bought the MacBook Pro and had the really important photo shoots on and external hard drive so I could work on them with the new MacBook Pro.  I was behind on the 2 weddings I shot and the family portraits that I did for some friends.  I thought that if I had them mobil I would get more done.  

So, think about your pictures, what would happen if you lost your hard drive?  I had all the old stuff archived on external hard drives, but lost the new stuff.  Down side is I won't be able to load all those images that I shot for me, upside, I am not that behind anymore....  LOL!  

Thanks for looking and think about your backups, boring but it will save you from the gut check when you figure out what you lost.