Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 54, The Freemont Street Experience

Here it is, the Freemont Street Experience. It was a interesting. It was like Vegas and Disney had joined hands but not as nice. It was really 'Veagasy." The ultimate piece to the show, it was a commercial to gamble at the Freemont Street Casinos. I couldn't stop laughing that all of these people had come to see the show, and it was a commercial. I won't even say that it was a good commercial.

I know that you have to pay for things some how, and given the cost for a significant share of voice now days, this on a financial scale probably makes some sense, but to only use it for a commercial. They could probably increase their draw and profitability with just some new show every now and then. Something that was more compelling then the Atari style space graphics.

No one seemed to think that this was something to come back to. The crown just walked on a soon as it was over. I guess in Vegas, it takes a lot to wow some folks.

The Freemont Street Experience

The Freemont Street Experience

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Camera:Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Exposure:0.2 sec (1/5)
Focal Length:18 mm
ISO Speed:400
Exposure Bias:0/3 EV

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