Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 80, They Can't Tell My Secret Identity With This Mask

So, as you may have noticed, I have not been writing much with the postings. Truth be told, I have been a little out of it. I am on a jury and it is really tough to listen to. I can't talk about it, but emotionally it is a tough thing to be a part of. During lunch I went and shot some more at Fairmont Park. There were all of these ducks and geese and other waterfowl. I couldn't help the chuckle from this muscovy duck that seemed to hang with these black scoter ducks. There was a grouping of muscovy ducks about 50 feet away. This bird didn't want anything to do with them. When they all settled down, he would huddle up with the black scoters.

Maybe he thinks that with his mask, they can't tell the difference.

Out takes

Black Scoters, Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA

Duck, Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA

I am sorry that the blog format cuts off the landscape size pictures.  I can not figure out how to change the layout to better accommodate the picture.  I think that I may be switching to a different blog hosting service to fix this.  Let me know if you have a recommendation for a blog service that lets you have a more customizable interface.  If you click on any of the pictures you will be taken to Flickr, and can see them in different sizes if you want. 

I know that I could blog from the provider directly instead of from Flickr, but for management, and ability to stay ahead and blog from anywhere, Flickr solves a lot of problems for me.  I can get to the images anytime and blog from anywhere, even my iPhone.  I could always go back and replace the picture with a smaller version, but that is adding way too many steps.  I will go back to making the out takes smaller then the image of the day.  

Thanks for looking.
EXIF Data,

Camera:Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Exposure:0.003 sec (1/320)
Focal Length:150 mm
ISO Speed:400
Exposure Bias:0/3 EV

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  1. Hey Bill the nice thing about blogger, is that the xml template can be tweaked to whatever you want. I'd have to look at if to see if I can adjust the width. I'll let you know.