Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 83, The game is over.

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It may look like he is really hurting over a loss. In fact, Pablo is just fine, he played a great game and the team won 4 - 1 against Ramona on Wednesday.  I think he was just coming down from the game.  Pablo is a great keeper and next year is heading off to a D-1 school on a a full ride.  Someday, you may see him in the MLS.    John, (hang on, this one is a fun ride) my best friends older brothers son, is having a great season too.  They are both seniors and are having a great year and are both heading off to play for D - 1 schools next year.  Arlington got a new coach last year, Edson Garficas, and the program has really made a turn around since his arrival.

I went to the game against Ramona High School Wednesday after court with the intending of getting a great shot of John, and I did get some that I really like.  I Especially the shots of John on the field and his dad Ed walking the sidelines as an assistant coach.  Check the out takes.  As a virtual uncle, I am really proud of John and by extension, Pablo.  Go Arlington!  But this shot of Pablo, as the sun is setting seems to show such emotion.  I guess this is an example of something that looks like one thing but in fact is something else entirely.

P.S. Yesterday Arlington and Poly played to a 0 - 0 tie leaving the Ivy League championship undecided.  Both John and Pablo were mentioned in the article by the Press Enterprise. Poly unfortunately still has the edge since they can clinch by winning both of their next games.  For Arlington to win, they would need to win both of their last two games and Poly would have to lose one and tie one.  

Out takes;






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Exposure:0.003 sec (1/400)
Focal Length:130 mm
ISO Speed:400
Exposure Bias:0/3 EV

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