Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jerre Haskew, Former President Of Guild

I got this from Jerre Haskew, the former president of Guild , some of the most beautiful sounding guitars in the world.  He wanted to clear up a question I had regarding a guitar that Johnny Cash played and is on display in Corona, California at the Fender Guitar Center.  It is part of a display of memorabilia from Johnny that is part of the collection of his friend, Bill Miller.  When I went to the guild site, I tried to run the serial numbers on the guitar to see how long Johnny had been playing guild.  He said in his note to Bill when he gave the guitar to him that he had been playing that guitar for 10 years.  Jerre Haskew as you will read, gave him the guitar.  

Thanks for the note Jerre, I have contacted the Fender Guitar Center, but have not gotten a reply as to how to get to Bill Miller. I also think that I have found Bill on the web and have sent him a message as well.

Stumbled across your great website and saw these pictures of one of Johnny Cash's two identical Guild D60R cherry sunburst top guitars. My name is Jerre Haskew, and I was President & CEO of Guild from 1986-1991. I personally delivered these two guitars to John at the House of Cash in Hendersonville, TN in the fall of 1987. There were two of these- identical- that I gave to him in exchange for his endorsement of Guild, which I got in a talk with him on an airplane to Boston in the late summer of 1987. When I delivered these guitars, I spent most of the day with him, and he was among the nicest, most humble, literate, intelligent and gracious people I have ever met. He LOVED these guitars. They were hand made in the USA at the Guild factory in Westerly, RI under the supervision of Guild master luthier Kim Walker.
You have solved a mystery for me as to what happened to this particular guitar. Where is Bill Miller located- the friend to whom John gave this guitar? FYI the other one just like it was sold at auction at Sotheby's in NY City a few months after John's passing. I am attaching a few pics for you to use if you like. These pictures are owned by me.
I can CONFIRM that John was a VERY loyal endorser and exclusive player of Guild from 1987- 1993/1994. You can also see him playing this guitar on type highwaymen in the search box and scroll down. This was the supergroup of John, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson.
Thanks again, Bill, for helping me find what happened to the other guitar I gave him.
My Best,
Jerre R Haskew
The Haskew Company
The Cumberland Trio & Fiery Gizzard Records/Music, LLC

Here are the Pics that he included.

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