Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 148, Redlands Classic 2008 , Sunday Start, Santiago Botero in Yellow

I will say this, Rock Racing on the domestic circuit makes things interesting. If it is not Mario butting heads with Michael Ball (who did not see that coming from the begining) then it may be the controversy over Tyler Hamilton. You have to feel for the guy, he did his time, and now is effectivley suspended without any real recourse, indefinatly. But they show up to a race and lets be real, Chris Horner is not around anymore since he went back tot the European Circuit, there is not much to put the hurt on them. Toyota United has some great talent. Slipstream has great talent as well, but for the most part the domestic scene is their doupble A minor league team with some rehab work from the big boys. Like this week for example, Tom Danielson was riding in Redlands and not suffering in the Tour of Flanders.

Stack Rock against any other domestic team and it is really becomes obviouse that this is a team that has some real solid base riders. Not to mention, it seems that they really know how to do the flash. I got a lot of good pics of Rock Racing riders and their Vehicular entorage. So for today, the Rock Racing Boys, and then tomorrow I will post other riders in the race. Yesterday I posted the pics I pulled off the Lamborgini and the Bentley.

Rock Racinng, Freddy Rodriguez, Redlands Classic 2008

Fast Freddie Rodriguez. One of the fastest sprinters on the planet! Always a nice guy.

Rock Racinng, Tyler Hamilton, Redlands Classic 2008

Tyler Hamilton, It is great to see him on a bike again. Forget this other stuff and lets race, he did his time for the suspension, either charge him or get over it. Go Tyler!

Rock Racinng, Santiago Botero, Redlands Classic 2008

Santiago Botero, this guy is scarey strong, and riding here? I hope that Rock gets more love next year. It has been nice to see them here, but they should be at the tour of Flanders with this base of riders.

Rock Racing, David Clinger, Redlands Classic 2008

David Clinger. Don't let the tats scare you, word is he is one of the nicest. Everytime I have seen him in the warm ups, he seems to be one of the quiet and shy ones. I like that he just rides and nothing eles. Go David!

Rock Racinng, Kayle Leogrande, Redlands Classic 2008

Kayle Leogrande

Rock Racinng, Victor Hugo Pena, Redlands Classic 2008

Victor Hugo Pena (Sorry, I don't know where the tilde is) he wore the yellow jersey while riding for Lance. Tough rider.

Rock Racinng, Oscar Sevilla, Redlands Classic 2008

Oscar Sevilla. This guy can climb like crazy! He won the white jersy in the Tour de France in 2001. All I have heard is what a nice guy he is.

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