Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 156, Lava Rocks on North Shore

We decided to try to explore a little the North Shore. We always go to Kauai or Maui or the Big Island, we never seem to make it to Oahu, so we wanted to explore a little. What I love about those Islands is the reason that we have avoided Oahu, the open and quiet feeling. One walk down Waikiki was enough for me to know that I was never coming back if I could avoid it. It is a fine place, I am not a hater, I just like peace and quiet, space to roam a little, and that is not Waikiki.

We decide that we are going to head out to Kaena Point, the north western corner of the island. As we are riding some garage sale mountain bikes along the shore, we stop a few place to look around. We use the (Island Name) Revealed series of travel guides since they are really well done. The authors do a great job of working around each island and give honest opinions about what they find. They don't announce themselves as reviewers, they just go, do and report. We have found some of our favorite spots from their great work.

As we are going out I find interesting the sharpness of the lava rocks. Some are really like cheese graters that must really take the flesh off if you misstep. Others are so sharp and jagged that they seem instruments of torture. It was overcast with a light rain every now and then. Just the conditions to force me to stick to the plan, a 50 mm lens, big aperture and what I think are some interesting shots. They are abstract, but you get the point that these could do some damage.

I decided that they needed to be in Black and White to force the focus on the edges and roughness of the rocks. The contrasting grey clouds for the blackness of the jagged outcropping makes these stand out even more.

Lava Rocks on North Shore

Lava Rocks on North Shore

Thanks for looking.
EXIF Data,

Camera:Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Exposure:0.004 sec (1/250)
Focal Length:55 mm
ISO Speed:200
Exposure Bias:0 EV

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