Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 128, Bell, Adobe House of Dr Harry Smiley, Indio California

My family is from California on my Mom's side for 6 or 7 generations now. They farmed Westminster, Fontana, and then Indio. As the wars happened in the countries history, taxes would force families to sell their land (to pay the taxes) then they would move out to where the land was cheaper and start again. My Great Uncle Mac, my Grandfathers brother, was the last in our line to farm. And he with my Great Aunt Katie farmed in Indio. When I was working in Indio this past week, I went to a clinic to and the folks I was there to see were in a meeting. So I had a little time to kill and I had noticed the signs for this museum and thought that I would go see what they had.

It is a dinky little museum, but it houses some of the history of the area. They try to tell the story of the railroad and water that made the area livable. they have farm tools and other things. They seem to be planning a bigger role for the area by making it into a cultural center as well as a museum.

I remember going out to see Mac and Katie, and playing at their place. Riding on the tractor and wanting to play in what seemed a huge canal. We were not allowed to play there however since Uncle Mac said that there were watermocasins in the canal and it was dangerous. Aunt Katie had a bell like this to call Uncle Mac in for Dinner. I could not get over the great look of the simple bell, the pager of the farmer.

Thanks for looking.
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