Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 176, Gruper and Entorage, Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

So the Aquarium has this huge tank, aparently the biggest in the USA with all kinds of cool fish. There are whale sharks and sharks and these giant groupers. From the Georgia Aquarium site, "The giant grouper is a reef-associated saltwater fish that dwells in shallow reefs, caves, wrecks and estuaries in tropical climates. It is the largest of all coral reef-dwelling bony fish and feeds on fish, sharks and crustaceans by hiding in reefs and ambushing its prey.

Really scary, they eat sharks. Plus they get to 8 feet long and have like seven rows of teeth. Usually we think of sharks as the top of the food chain. I guess that once you get big, it really is a matter of size. The grouper in this tank would just sit, well float, right there looking out of this giant wall of glass. It was almost like they were watching the people like the people were watching them.

Also there were some other exhibits and a lot of shots that did not work. Jellyfish, tropical fish, lobster, sea-horses and much more. Not in this post though, because I could not get the shot.

Hope you like these,

Grupers, Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

Star Fish, Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

Longnose garAmerican Alligator

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Focal Length:50 mm
ISO Speed:200
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