Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 178, Korean War Memorial

I flew out of Atlanta, and now I am in Washington DC for a conference. I had a few hours to try to walk around the National Mall. When I got here a lot of what I would really like to see was closed. The Smithsonian is not open past 5:30. So that put a damper in my plans. I will be here a few days and try to shoot different things and ways then I have in the past when I have been here.

I did not shoot this memorial or the DC War Memorial when I came here last time. I thought that the picture of the Korean War Memorial as a portrait, as if the solders were really there was kind of cool. It also removed the tourist from the picture.

The DC War Memorial was put up in the 1930s to commemorate the Citizens of DC who fought and died in the Great War. It has twelve columns that are twenty two feet high supporting the dome. It is just tucked away in a little part of the park all to itself. I know that it was some time ago, but this was the first war memorial to be put up in the Potomac park area. It is not recent, so many don't come to think about what has passed like the Vietnam and Korean memorials. It does not have the scale as the WWII memorial, which is still somewhat new. So it does not get the attention that the others do. It is not well known like the Lincoln or Washington Monuments. It has not been a movie like the National Archives were.

So the DC War Memorial sits alone, a quite memory of a generation now passed, of an atrocious and horrible war. I know that I feel, every time I come here, a sense of awe at what other generations have passed through to preserve the union. I have never served in the military, but I have known and do now know some who do. They are a unique set those who take honor and duty to the point of personal sacrifice. How ever your feelings may lie about war, you must stand in admiration of those who, in spite of personal sacrifice, stand and do their duty.

Washington DC Rotunda

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