Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 182, National Archives, Past Prologue

I think that I have gone overboard with the black and white. Lately, I seem to want to do everything in black and white. I think it is the stone and sculpture here that pushed me this way. In fact, when you look at the color version, there are definitely somethings that I like better. The reflection of the blue sky in the window. But the color differences weren't to my liking, so the black and white conversion.

National Archives, Past Prologue

This statue is outside of the National Archive. I had dreamed of some grand vista of the great documents, but apparently I totally forgot about everything I learned in National Treasure, how everything is so behind such thick glass that Aquariums are easier to shoot. Plus, they keep the building so low on light that there is no handheld photography possible. Mix in the 1000 people in line and it was a bit of a disappointment for me. I could hardly get a glance at the grand old documents.

Nicolas Cage made it look so easy to see the documents, to be cool and dig history at the same time. I am giving you one of the for statues out side. At least I gave you something to think about today. Nicolas Cage made history cool.

Or if you want the easy one, "What Is Past Is Prologue"

National Archives, Past Prologue

Thanks for looking.
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