Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 201, This guy is playing a guitar autpgraphed by Kerry King of

My kids and I went to the local chili cook off. (Arlington Chili Cook off and Car Show) and they had live bands and some cool cars and motorcycles. They had some live bands and we went with our friends all on our Electras. As we are cruising through, I noticed that this guy was playing a guitar that seemed to be autographed. Sorry, I didn't catch what the name of the band was. They were playing covers and were pretty good.

When I got home and was looking at the pics, I figured out that this was signed by Kerry King of Slayer. If I had a guitar signed by a guitar legend, it would be hanging on my wall, not out doing gigs. Speaking of guitars hanging on walls, I really need to pull mine down and learn a song. I just never seem to have time for it, let alone to play with the pics that I want to post.

Here are a few more from the Chili Cook Off. Thanks for looking.

Beautiful Custom Motorscyle, Arlington Chili Cook-Off

Beautiful Custom Motorscyle, Arlington Chili Cook-Off

Arlington, Riverside, California Chili Cook-Off and Car/Motorcycle Show 2008

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