Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 33, Stump by Lake Gregory

I found this on the beach of Lake Gregory, and I forgot to take it off the camera. I shot this for the blog, but miffed it big time. So here it is. I have bought some Cokin filters and have been playing with them and black and white since I read an article by John Sexton in Shutterbug - Expert Photo Techniques 2007. It was a special extra from the magazine Shutterbug. Be sure to check out the link to his site in the links section. John is one the premier black and white photographers out there now.

Johns article talked about his love of using a yellow #12 on snow and white sand to bring out the texture. Or a #11 yellow green for highlighting the yellows from other deep colors. I have been doing similar in iPhoto or Photo shop. This is the result of that in iPhoto to bring out the tones and contrast.

When your camera light meter reads the light off of the objects or areas where you point it, it is really reading the reflected light. But it does not know the difference between strong black or white. It is programed to read everything in grey, 9% grey is the standard setting for all of these. So then the trouble comes up when you have strong white or black, they reflect at 36% just based on their properties. This was not white sand and the trunk did not have black shade. But the idea is to get the proper exposure and then to get the right tones. We do this with filters.

I did not like the way the filter did it, so I used another shot and converted the shot to black and white. Then I used the sliders on temp and color and went very warm and very green. The cool temp tends to go blue and lighten the image. I wanted darker tones, it is a stump and not a flower, and then green to keep the tone popping but dark. I like how it came out. I am going to try some other filters and see where it ends up.

So even though this may not be the most interesting picture that I will ever take, I learned a lot playing with it and doing the research to understand the principles behind the image.

As always, thanks for looking.

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