Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 36, Girl and Fountain Reflection

I am finally getting around to playing with some of the images from the little trip that we took to the Newport Beach Temple. It really is a peaceful place. As I was coming around the fountain, I saw my daughter playing in the reflecting pool and the shot just seemed to come on its own. I wanted to capture the reflections of the water on the water and marble. I also took this shot imagining that I would work in Black and White for this image. The backlight on the water and the opportunity to have a dark background were what I was hoping for when I shot these.  I even shot at ISO 800 trying to have a little more grain to the shot.  The aperture was wide open the metering was pushing for a fast exposure.  I was going for a contrasty kind of feel that let you focus on the girl and the reflections.

Temples are for the LDS faith a special place. They hold more significance then the meeting houses or chapels that are used every Sunday. The most sacred ordinance happen in the temples. The most sacred thing for an member of the LDS faith is the forming of a family, blessed by God. It is called sealing. The members of the LDS faith believe that the bonds that are sealed on earth by God, will still hold in the next life. As a father, I must admit, that is one of the most compelling teachings. For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, all of these things are made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The significance that the LDS faith places on forming these everlasting bonds in these special places really lends to creating a peaceful place. A place to focus on what is of real value in this life.

As always, thanks for looking.

Girl and Fountain Reflection


Camera:Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Exposure:1/2500 sec
Focal Length:55 mm
ISO Speed:800
Exposure Bias:0/3 EV

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